The Future

Our world is evolving. Technology is changing our world in miraculous ways.

Email is replacing snail mail. Toilet paper is being delivered by drones. Soon we will be able to connect our refrigerators to the internet to download food over Wi-Fi (Odie’s unverified theory).

To compete in this exciting new digital world, I am pleased announce Greetings by Odie, a line of individually handmade paper greetings. As technology advances, we will rise to meet it.

View our innovation here:

CEO, Odie & Board

Odie Blogs

Thanks for reading my first blog post. The first month of the site launch has been a lot of fun. Nice to break up my usual days of napping and looking out the window with being able to build stuff for my friends. 

My staff and I have been focused on keeping up with orders in the shop, but also coming up with new products, especially with the holidays around the corner! Running a business sure is a lot of work, especially when your customers are all humans and you are a dog.....

Anyway, stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Founder & CEO