Meet the Odie & Board Team


Right: Odie, Founder & Chief Executive Odie
Left: Dooley, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer



Founder & Chief Executive Odie
Chairman of the Board

As Founder & CEO, Odie is responsible for overseeing all of Odie & Board's business operations. Odie personally designs, builds, and inspects every item produced at the Odie & Board workshop to ensure they meet his exceptionally high quality standards.

Odie is a graduate of the Twin Cities Obedience Training Club and holds a degree in Puppy Basic Training – Level 1 (certification conferred in 2010).

When not running his business, participating in various CEO roundtables, or writing autobiographies, you’ll find Odie taking walks, playing fetch, and exploring local food establishments. He is particularly fond of the excellent craft rawhide and jerky treat scene in Minneapolis.



EVP & Chief Financial Officer

In his role as CFO, Dooley is responsible for Odie & Board's Strategic Financial Planning, Accounting, and Human Resources.

Prior to joining Odie & Board in 2017, Dooley interned briefly with Spot's Last Stop Canine Rescue. Dooley began his professional career in 2006 as a Puppy. He rose the ranks quickly and was promoted to Dog in 2008.

Outside of work, Dooley enjoys eating Odie's food, stealing Odie's sleeping spots, and taking advantage of early bird senior discounts at Denny's.



Chief Communications Officer

Brian joined the Odie & Board team in 2016. Shortly after founding Odie & Board, Odie realized that despite his impressive credentials and depth of experience, his inability to communicate in the English language and lack of opposable thumbs could be a hindrance to running his business.

After a rigorous, multi-round interview and extensive background check, Odie hired Brian as Odie & Board’s Chief Communications Officer. Brian manages all of Odie & Board’s customer inquiries and occasionally assists in the building process. His other responsibilities include ensuring that the CEO is properly fed, exercised, and entertained on an ongoing basis.

When he’s not at Odie & Board, you’ll generally find Brian at local fine dining establishments, most notably Culver’s, Arby’s, and Pho 79. Brian also enjoys playing and coaching soccer, spending time with the coolest wife in the world, and walking his dog......errr, I mean boss, Odie.  




Chief Creative Officer

Odie hired Erica as Chief Design Officer in December 2016. Odie was classically trained in the trade of wood-stuff-making, but realized that to succeed in this increasingly innovative and digitized world, he needed to go all-in on handmade paper products (yeah I don’t get it either). Under Odie’s leadership, Erica launched Odie & Board’s exclusive greeting card line.

When not creating awesome cards, Erica can be found educating the youth of tomorrow at a local elementary school, or in bed sleeping any time past 8:30 pm.

Against the unanimous advice of his Board of Directors, Odie has clearly stated that of his two direct reports, Erica is his favorite by a wide margin. Though this admission goes against most managerial philosophies, Odie has refused to retract this statement.